Safer Internet Day - posters and fact sheets for your classroom!

It’s Safer Internet Day tomorrow, a day dedicated to ensuring that the internet and new technologies are used safely and responsibly.

As we're sure you know, we take internet safety very seriously at We have made e-safety a priority when designing our Play Live privacy settings, and ensured that there's no opportunity for children to communicate with other players or alter homework settings, in order to provide a safer area for children to work and learn within.

Posters and Fact Sheets for your Classroom 

In order to further highlight e-safety, we've decided to create some free, downloadable guides on staying safe online. We have colourful, informative fact sheets and posters ready for you to print out and use in the classroom. Here you can find out the latest advice on how to use the internet and new technologies securely and sensibly. You can also find a range of practical resources, news, and events focusing on the safe and responsible use of the internet and new technologies.

Staying Safe Online for Early Years           

Staying Safe Online for Middle Years

Staying Safe Online for Older Years

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