Bradford Study

Between September 2007 and December 2007, five schools from within Bradford LA were selected to take part in EducationCity’s Maths study. The study aimed to demonstrate that through targeted use of EducationCity in Maths, students would:

  • improve by significantly more than the 2 sublevels generally aimed for between year groups
  • improve the SATs level predicted by their teacher at the beginning of Year 6.

The main research findings are outlined below:

  • Comparing the end of Year 5 results/early Year 6 benchmark against results from the end of Key Stage 2, the average improvement was of 2.16 sublevels. This would be the difference between a pupil getting a Level 4a and a Level 5b.
  • The greatest pupil improvement against Year 5 results was of an amazing 9 sublevels. Against teacher predictions, the improvement was of an equally significant 7 sublevels.
  • 66% of pupils improved by 2 sublevels or more between the end of Year 5 and their end of KS2 SATs; 31% of pupils exceeded the level their teacher had predicted for them.
  • EducationCity had a positive and measurable effect on pupil performance.
  • 100% of participants enjoyed using EducationCity. Teachers found it not only helped students engage with learning, but also has significant impact on improving learning outcomes and performance grades.
  • "I believe that EducationCity has been a great contributing factor in helping pupils achieve higher than expected marks and excellent SATs results this year. 94% achieved Level 4 and above of which 59% achieved Level 5. The school's target was set at 88% Level 4 and above.” Genek Prystawsky, St Cuthbert and The First Martyrs’ Catholic School.
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