Charity Work


Here at EducationCity, we carry out a range of local charity work throughout the year.

Each year, we raise money for a local, child-focused charity. For 2016, we're pleased to say we're continuing to support Rainbows, an East Midlands hospice for life-limited children and young people, which we began supporting in early 2015.

About Rainbows

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Rainbows is a hospice based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, which looks after children and young people affected by life-threatening conditions. It aims to relieve the children's symptoms, improve their quality of life, support families through their bereavements and care for the children until the end.
EducationCity has supported Rainbows in numerous ways so far, and for 2015, we're pleased to say that we've raised over £4,000 for this fantastic cause! We're looking for new ways to support them in 2016 and we're excited to get started!
In addition to supporting them with our time, we've given them a free subscription to EducationCity. We also hope to be able to put our company-funded Charity Days to good use, helping them raise much needed funds.
For information on the fundraising events we've undertaken for Rainbows so far, see below.
To read more information about Rainbows, click here to visit their website.
Keep an eye on our blog, Facebook and Twitter for information on EducationCity and our charity work for Rainbows!

Previous Events

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In 2015, EducationCity undertook a number of charity events for Rainbows and other charities and we're proud to say that we raised over £4,000 all in all - it's the biggest total to date for fundraising ever! Here's a list of the activities we did to raise that much:
  • EducationCity's Endurance Challenge 2015: we raised £895.00 for our challenge, which we repeated for a second year! It was a brilliant day with lots of laughs and fun, not to mention raising money for a fantastic cause.
  • Heroes vs. Villains Dress up Day: this was a brilliant dress up day, we saw heroes and villains of all kinds at EducationCity HQ. We raised over £50.00 and had an absolutely 'heroic' time!
  • Equinox24: we raised over £2,600 from this event, making it EducationCity's most successful fundraising event! It's one we're really proud of, and one that will go down in our history.

However, this record-breaking total and these great events doesn't mean we're just going to stop there! We're really excited to see what the future holds supporting Rainbows in 2016.

Staff Charity Days

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As well as raising money for local charities, we also have a Charity Day scheme, where all EducationCity employees have the choice to do a day of charity work during work hours.
Employees are encouraged to work with a charity supporting children, young adults, educational aims or with local charities.

Anna's Hope

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EducationCity's first corporate charity was Anna's Hope, the leading children's brain tumour charity in the east of England, which we supported in 2014 and of which provides rehabilitation and support to children and young people diagnosed with the condition.
During the 18 months that EducationCity supported Anna's Hope, we raised more than £3,700 for the cause! This impressive amount was down to the many events which we undertook, including the Fun Run at the Perkins Great Eastern Run, a gruelling Endurance Challenge and many bake offs!
We're proud to say that the money raised has helped create the new service Brainbow, a neuro-rehabilitation service for chidren with brain tumours - the first of its kind in the UK.

Christmas Jumper Day