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If you’re struggling with the app itself, it may be because we currently have a mix of HTML5 and Flash content on our site: HTML5 content is not compatible with Puffin Academy but can be accessed on a standard web browser; Flash content isn't compatible with some tablets but can be accessed using Puffin Academy.

We realise that this isn’t an ideal but are working on converting all our content to HTML5 to give a more consistent experience. In the meantime, to help you identify which content is HTML5 or in PDF format, we have created the  icon.

We have been assured that Puffin Academy are working on getting their app to support HTML5 content as a priority; until this solution becomes available please bear with us and accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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If you go to the Login page by clicking on the link at the top right of EducationCity's main page, you’ll find a link that says Forgotten your login details? Click on this, fill out the form and we’ll send you a reminder.


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The free trial will expire within 10 days, so you can do nothing and simply ignore the emails from us.

Alternatively, you can drop us an email here. We will then stop your access to the website and stop you receiving any more emails from us

No, we don't. The trial is completely free.

At the end of the 10 days, we simply cut off the access.

If you run out of time and need longer, then you can simply request a trial extension, which we will happily grant you.

This error message means that the pupil may not have access to EducationCity.com out of hours (homework). Please contact your school for more information.

Many thanks

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To find out more about how EducationCity works on tablet devices, click here

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Hi there,

In answer to your question, EducationCity.com is priced at £29.95 per child. We have no discount available for more than one child at present.


I hope this helps,


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You get a Tell a Friend code from a family already subscribed to EducationCity.com, and it enables both them and you to receive 3 months' FREE access when you subscribe by way of a thank you.

Families with existing subscriptions will find the Tell a Friend code in the Parents area of the site. They simply need to click on the Tell a Friend ad on the right hand side. They can then either email it to you, or simply make a note of it, to give to you.

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Yes, EducationCity.com is flexible enough to offer this.


At the outset, you will be asked for your child's date of birth and all subject levels will be based on these academic levels.


However, these levels can be changed.


Log in as normal, and on the upper part of the home page, select the 'Parents' option. Then select the 'Subscription' tab, enter your password, and click on the 'Change Academic levels' option from the left menu.


Follow the on-screen guide to change your child's levels. It will take you through each child on the account and each subject they have access to. Make all changes to all the subjects required, then click 'Save'.


Return to the main page and click to log out. Then log back in to see the new level range.


If you're still having problems, please give us a call on 0844 225 3060.

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When you take out a trial, EducationCity.com asks if you are a home educator a) because there are some special offers available to you as a home educator and b) in order to meet your needs better.

As a home educator, we know that EducationCity.com can be vital to your homeschooling plan, and so your child’s education. We are very mindful of this, want to offer you as much support as possible, and consult with you on any changes that we plan to implement.
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If you've not set up an account with EducationCity.com already, you should include all the children in your family at the time you set up your FREE trial.

If you already have an account and would like to organise a FREE trial for an additional child, please contact our Customer Services. They will make sure your child is added to the account that already exists for your family. They are available to contact by email on sales@educationcity.com or by phone on 0844 225 3060.

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All the games within EducationCity.com are age-specific and are based on the curriculum your child is following at school.

When a child completes all the games within a subject area, you can either get him/her to repeat them and so improve on their original scores, or you can move them up an academic level where they can tackle new games.

As part of your subscription, you get 3 level changes FREE. (A level change can be changing the level for one subject or changing the level for all 6 subjects.) Subsequent level changes are charged at £1.99 each.

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EducationCity.com's phonics activities sit within the Letters and Sounds part of Literacy and is available for all children aged 3, 4 and 5.

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No, we don't have any family discounts ...

... but if you know of a family that already subscribes to EducationCity, ask them for their Tell a Friend code. That way, when you subscribe for your children, they and the children in the family that recommended you, will get 3 months' free access.

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There may be something we can do for you here.


Please contact our Customer Services by telephoning 0844 225 3060 or emailing support@educationcity.com, and we'll see what we can do.

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If you have a Tell a Friend code when you subscribe to EducationCity.com, both you and the friend that gave it to you benefit from 3 months' extra access when you subscribe.

As a subscriber, you will find your code in the Parents News & Community section and on your City Today e-newsletter.

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EducationCity is the fun way for children aged 3 to 12 to learn. Research has shown that children's exam results can improve through the use of EducationCity. To ensure children are learning the appropriate material we match each subject’s academic level to your child’s ability, but as they progress the levels increase with their ability.

A subscription to EducationCity will give your child access to a complete academic year’s worth of Maths, English, Science and Modern Foreign Language* games, matched to his or her ability in each subject. In addition, your family will have its very own mySuccess area to track progress.

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The answer is both.

Each year, just before schools go back, EducationCity.com sends out an email which allows parents to automatically move their children on to the next level.

Should you want to change level at any other time of the year, you can do this manually via the Change Academic Level area within Features. Each child gets 3 free level changes per year. (A level change represents any changes made to level at any one time, so altering Maths, Literacy and Science together is one change, as is a change to just Maths.) After the 3 free changes, you are asked to pay £1.99 per level change made.

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If you have not been able to load your student's/child's profile, you have a pop-up blocker running on your browser.

Follow the guide below for your system and browser type.

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EducationCity’s blog is safe. It is moderated to ensure our users’ online safety and privacy and information is protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy. All users must agree with the blog rules (see below) before posting, and any blogs not adhering to the rules will be edited by the moderating team.

Blog Rules

? Do not use your real name

? Do not share your personal information

? Treat other blog users with respect

? No swearing, bad behaviour or bullying


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EducationCity is both educational and fun.

We are tied directly to National Learning objectives.
We don't just add a cartoon character to a maths problem and call ourselves educational.
We are used in over 15,500 schools!
We all enjoy games and entertainment, but with EducationCity you can combine that with building your child's future.

Take a free trial today, by clicking here.

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Please check that your login details are correct.

To log in to EducationCity, please go here.


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Once you have been given you Gift Subscription code you can access it from here. You can also purchase a gift subscription and print a gift certificate.

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Please make sure that you are using the latest version of your web browser. For more information on this, click here.

Please also make sure that you have updated your Flash and Java.

Having done both of these, if you're still having problems, please let us know by contacting us here.



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Prices are per child, based on a 12-month subscription period.

A 12-month subscription costs £29.95/child.

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No, we don't. The trial is completely free.

At the end of the 10 days, we simply cut off the access.

If you run out of time and need longer, then you can simply request a trial extension, which we will happily grant you.

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Yes, you can share the login details with your child so that they can access the resource as they wish.

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To subscribe to EducationCity.com, simply click here and complete the online order form.

Alternatively, you can email from the contact page or call 0844 225 3060 to subscribe over the phone.

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The only physical component required to use EducationCity.com is Adobe Flash Player, therefore if you do not have it installed on your PC, you will need to download it.

Flash is free and very easy to download with step by step instructions, simply visit www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html

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The greatest benefit of subscribing to EducationCity.com is that as an online resource, you can access it anywhere at any time. This could be at home, at a friend's or relative's house at the weekend, in the library after school, or even on holiday.

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