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Home educating is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to schooling for many families in the UK and EducationCity is the perfect home education tool. Designed to move at the same pace as the child is developing, its personalised learning approach concentrates on how each child's home schooling experience is focused on their own needs as they study from home.

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Subject coverage +

Through a child’s EducationCity subscription they will be immersed in Maths, Literacy, Science, French, German and Spanish. Each subject will be at an academic level that matches your child’s ability. Each child follows a progression called a ‘learning pathway’ and importantly we ensure they know how they are progressing along it!

Individual learning +

When a child is ready to move to a new academic level, because they are able to, or due to a new school year, you can simply change their academic level online. A new learning pathway is then created automatically and your child able to progress at their own pace at the new level. It is this personal approach to education that ensures the foundations of your child’s learning are as strong as possible.

Working with home educator communities +

To support a parent's right to choose to home educate their children, EducationCity is offering all parents who home educate £10 off when they subscribe at home.

To benefit, simply subscribe as usual and enter the code HomeEd when prompted.


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