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EducationCity’s literacy games combine exciting online content with traditional pen and paper activities. Our resources will equip your children with the language skills they need to succeed in a world where text and speech are everywhere. The online learning games use interactive features, colourful graphics and engaging characters and settings to build your childs’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

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Phonics games +

Apply the latest thinking on how children learn to read, enabling them to get a head start and begin reading from the earliest possible stage.

Reading games +

Give your children a solid foundation in the mechanics of reading, enabling them to find meaning and enjoyment in the written word. The games help students build vocabulary and fluency, make sense of new words, and increase their confidence to explore new forms and genres.

Spelling games +

Enter the PlayLive arena to practise critical spelling skills against other children around the world in a safe online environment.

Writing games +

Provide children with the essential building blocks of effective written communication: sound spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills. Other games teach creative writing techniques that develop personal flair and encourage articulate self-expression.

Spelling games +

Build understanding of effective oral communication and encourage correct grammar and speech conventions in a fun and engaging way.

Listening games +

Provide practical strategies for becoming an effective listener – a vital skill in both academic and personal settings. Young listeners learn how to identify key information, spot supporting details, maintain concentration and show understanding of what they’ve heard.

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PlayLive Literacy
Literacy - creating and shaping texts
Literacy - presentation
Literacy - sentence structure
Literacy Topic Finder
Literacy - understanding and interpreting text
Literacy - word structure
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