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It has been shown that learning another language at an early age gives children an enormous advantage when studying a language later on in life. EducationCity provides opportunities to study French, German* and Spanish by playing engaging and fun games and experiencing the use of vocabulary and grammar.

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Early Years (6-7 years old) +

  • Create curiosity and excitement about a foreign language
  • Become aware of the sounds of the new language
  • Embrace the possibility of understanding and speaking the language themselves
  • Awareness  achieved through singing along with nursery rhymes in the target language
  • Once basic awareness has been achieved, a very basic vocabulary can be introduced, by using a few targeted words

Older Years (7- 13 years old) +

  • Teach the language and introduce the culture through immersion in the target language, with the use of native voices, traditional music, popular national festivities and cultural symbols
  • The activities provide an opportunity to hear real speakers and interact in an environment that is immersed in the target language
  • Each activity tells a new story that is engaging and full of different characters, dialogue and content
  • Children will learn vocabulary about specific topics, and how to use these words in order to communicate their own thoughts and opinions
  • Practise newly acquired vocabulary in a fun and engaging way

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*German is only available to users in England; No foreign language modules are available to users in Northern Ireland


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