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The Play Live Arena brings two exciting real time games for your children to compete against other kids all over the world in a safe environment where identities are never shared and  communication is not possible. Here they can practise their arithmetic and spelling skills against the clock and try to reach the top of the leaderboard. The soft competitive elements help kids practise their core skills at an appropriate level whilst having great fun with maths and spelling games.

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Play Live Maths +

Play Live Maths* is an exciting addition to encouraging children to practise their maths skills by taking part in an engaging multiplayer online game.

Players have 60 seconds to answer as many maths questions (appropriate to their age level) as they can by playing against the clock and against other users. It's an interactive mental maths challenge where your kids take on the world. They’ve got 60 seconds to prove they’ve got what it takes, working against the clock to beat their opponents. It’s all in the speed, but they’ll need to be careful too. Make a mistake, and they’ll lose one of their three precious lives. Lose all three and they’ll be knocked out of the race altogether!

Practice makes perfect and you’ll be amazed how your children’s mental maths skills will improve by using Play Live Maths.
Challenge your children to get their highest score during the course of a week.

Play Live Literacy +

Play Live Literacy* is a word-making game in which pupils test their knowledge of spelling against others within a timed, competitive environment. It is designed to familiarise pupils with words and spelling in an engaging manner. This familiarity, when reinforced with vocabulary activities, boosts reading comprehension.

The honeycomb grid of letters is full of hidden words and pupils are challenged to find as many words as they can within the grid in 60 seconds. The winner is the person who scores the most points within the allotted 60 seconds and the leading players are shown on the leaderboard. Because of the nature of the product and game, we have carried out lots of testing and have created an efficient filter to help ensure offensive and unsuitable words cannot be made helping to create a safe learning environment. You can read more about this in our guidelines.


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*Play Live Maths and Literacy is not accessible to the younger year groups on as it is not age appropriate. Access by curriculum is as follows:

Scotland: 5 to 14 Guidelines
Wales: Year 1 to Year 6
Northern Ireland: Primary 2 to Primary 7
England: Year 1 to Year 7

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