Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs with EducationCity

EducationCity is ideal for use with children with special educational needs (SEN). Adaptable to children’s different abilities via its powerful ‘Preferences’ feature, it conforms to accessibility standards and is ‘switch’ and ‘screen reader’ compatible.

Activities support all the main learning styles using colour, sound, text, audio commentary, animated graphics and interactivity to appeal to the widest possible range of users. This means it's great for everyone, from children on the autistic spectrum to those with English as an additional language.

Equally, the operating system’s settings can be used to increase the mouse pointer size on screen or vary the volume of the audio files.

EducationCity inspires SEN children to explore ICT further and even help them to think creatively about developing their own resources.

Our 7 year old son suffers from autism, dyspraxia and epilepsy and attends a Special Needs school in Gravesend, Kent. He uses EducationCity at school and thoroughly enjoys the programmes. As he likes school so much and really misses the routine when he is at home, it is brilliant that he can work with something that is familiar and associated with school. Also, as our son has no speech, it also helps us as parents in seeing some of the work he is undertaking at school. As parents, we have seen so much progress since he started using the programme. It also very heart-warming to see him very pleased with himself when he successfully completes the tasks.

Paul Harvey, Parent


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