Aaahhhh....www.educationcity.com, my new best friend!!! I can do chores while the boy does some schooling.....win win!!!

Carly Lord, Parent

EducationCity is brilliant! So many activity's to do. My little 5 year old in year 1 loves it. Will be a great way to teach her at home :)

Lucy Watson, Parent

My daughter is using EducationCity.com in conjunction with her school in Braintree, Essex, who have given the children home access. May I congratulate you on an excellent product, which my daughter loves and uses often. It is such a fun, yet educational way of improving kids learning.

Howard Archer, Parent

WOW!!! Two happy children learning = one VERY happy mummy!!

Kristina Hartley, Parent

My son Benedict is in Reception and even though he is a good reader already, he LOVES the "Letters and Sounds" function. He also enjoys "teaching" his two year old brother, Olly, to read using the "Letters and Sounds" page (Olly has his own subscription too!). They look so adorable sitting side by side at the computer desk in the study. My personal favourite is the French. It takes me back to my school days and my son and I have such fun doing the exercises together.

Joanna Hughes, Parent

My 4 year old and 6 year old use the EducationCity.com website nearly every day. They think that it's a really fun way of learning. My eldest was struggling in school with coins and adding up their value; the relevant exercise on the EducationCity website has helped her understand coins better and she now feels a lot more confident.

Jennifer Trill, Parent

Hi, my 10 year old son - who has ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia - loves your site and is improving well with it – so thank you. I also have a 4 year old daughter who now wants to use the site...

Mel Sallis, Parent

The activities are well planned, teaching is easy and in stages, giving positive responses and praise to encourage further application and enthusiasm to continue.

Margaret Tait, Grandparent

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with EducationCity.com. A few months ago my daughter was told by my granddaughter's school that she had a learning problem, and that they were applying for additional government help for her. As a result, I decided to go into the school as a volunteer to help her on a one to one basis with Literacy and Maths. The school asked me to help Tara and another girl by using your product. I was so impressed by what you offer that I decided to subscribe at home with EducationCity.com for both my grandchildren. The difference in both of them has been incredible and mainly due to your learning activities. The end of term assessment before Christmas showed that Tara had improved by two levels in just a few weeks. She visits at the weekends and as soon as she comes in, she immediately asks to go on the computer and use EducationCity.com. My youngest grandchild uses the nursery level and happily sits and sings along to the nursery rhymes and is now learning the letters. I really feel that all children with access to a computer should have this available to them at home, and I have passed the details on to some other grandparents.

Maureen Gill, Grandparent

Our 7 year old son suffers from autism, dyspraxia and epilepsy and attends a Special Needs school in Gravesend, Kent. He uses EducationCity.com at school and thoroughly enjoys the programmes. As he likes school so much and really misses the routine when he is at home, it is brilliant that he can work with something that is familiar and associated with school. Also, as our son has no speech, it also helps us as parents in seeing some of the work he is undertaking at school. As parents, we have seen so much progress since he started using the programme. It also very heart-warming to see him very pleased with himself when he successfully completes the tasks.

Paul Harvey, Parent

I would also like to say thanks for great Customer Service. Every time I have had to contact yourselves I have always received brilliant service and a very prompt response. Not only that but everyone is always so friendly. Unfortunately, this is hard to come by now so just wanted to say great job!

Gemma Walker, Parent