Our mission is to inspire a generation of children to engage in learning through the world we have created. When creating EducationCity we set our standards very high and have adopted certain important policies to which we adhere. These mainly cover how we accommodate the widest spectrum of abilities we possibly can, but also to ensure the safety of the children that trust us to do so.

Special Needs +

EducationCity enables teachers to differentiate their lesson content according to their students’ aptitudes and abilities which is ideal in an SEN environment. Activities support all the main learning styles using colour, sound, text, audio commentary, animated graphics and interactivity, to appeal to the widest possible range of users, from children on the autistic spectrum to those with English as an additional language. Often the operating system’s settings can be used to increase the mouse pointer size on screen or vary the volume of the audio files.

Gifted and Talented +

EducationCity’s Activities support and provide gifted and talented children with the opportunity to further their learning on a personalised level. Children can work through the highly engaging interactive learning materials specifically targeting their level of knowledge and can work at their own pace without the support of a teacher, further developing their learning independence.

Inclusion +

EducationCity is an inclusive resource. We take into account the diversity of learning needs, cultural backgrounds and interests of the children who use us.

Because it is important to, we:

• cater for different learning styles
• build on children's interests and cultural experiences
• use materials that reflect social and cultural diversity and provide positive images of race, gender and disability
• deliver consistency in design and functionality

Accessibility +

EducationCity believes that web content should be accessible to everyone. We meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

Privacy and e-Safety +

We are dedicated to safeguarding any personal information collected online and to helping parents and children learn about safe use of the internet. We store all collected child data on secure, dedicated servers. 

If you are a teacher and/or parent using EducationCity for school use, please view our Data and Privacy Policy for the Schools Product.

If you are a parent and your child is using EducationCity's Home account, please view our Data and Privacy Policy for the Homes Product.

Terms and Conditions +

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Cookies Policy +

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System Requirements +

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