Using EducationCity, your students’ Activity and Test scores are automatically recorded. This is ideal for class assessment purposes and the data can also be exported and used for reporting too!

SuccessTracker iconTrack and Monitor Progress

Our tracking tool, SuccessTracker, allows you to track students’, groups’ or whole-class progress, helping you identify strengths and weaknesses at all levels quickly and easily.

Tests iconTests

Tests are great for assessing your students’ performance and helping them practise their exam techniques. You can monitor students’ results from each Test taken, and help them improve by reviewing the integrated Show Corrections area.

MyRevision iconMyRevision

After taking a Test, a personalised Revision Journal is generated for students* to help them revise and improve. A range of Activities and Learn Screens are gathered together based on their Test scores so students can focus on the areas where improvement is needed.

*The Spelling Tests within the English Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Tests do not generate a Revision Journal.

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