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EducationCity has created a brand new module to support teachers in the delivery of the new National Curriculum subject 'Computing'.

The new module is made up of a combination of engaging Activities, stimulating Student Tools, interesting Topic Tools, informative Learn Screens and thought-provoking ThinkIts. Through this stimulating variety of content, students can explore new ideas to help them use computational thinking and creativity to understand the world around them.

  • Activities mapped to national learning objectives
  • An engaging and rewarding way to learn Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Computing topics with friendly characters and fun Activities
  • Use Topic Tools for introducing new Computing concepts and topics to the class

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Computing Activities +

In every Computing Activity, content is made as clear to understand as possible, with visual and audible reinforcements for every answer. It is the combination of large text, clear voice-over, colourful graphics and fun music that makes EducationCity’s Computing content appeal to all learners.

  • Great for formative assessment, with typically 8-10 questions asked on a specific topic
  • Scores are saved into SuccessTracker which can provide a comprehensive student report at the end of the year or term
  • Learn Screens help students to gain an insight/overview of new Computing topics in a mini-tutorial
  • Printable Activity Sheets and resources give students something to work on independently in or after the lesson
  • Time-saving Lesson Ideas aid planning 

Computing Topic Tools +

  • Open-ended tools for use by teachers on interactive whiteboards
  • Tools offer teachers the freedom to explore a topic at a level and pace perfectly suited to their students
  • Default to appropriate difficulty level according to which academic level it is accessed from 
  • Prepare now and use later with our feature, Save and Open 
  • ‘Random’ buttons within tools allow teachers to generate random scenarios/data – time-saving and great for teacher-led questioning

Student Tools +

  • Open-ended virtual manipulatives designed to let children create and explore
  • Cover the parts of the curriculum where freedom of expression, exploration and outcome are an integral part of the learning goal 
  • Work carried out within Student Tools is self-differentiated. Students will be able to obtain records of their work within Student Tools via print and download features

Click here to find out more about our brand new first programming tool, Code Crunch.


Available free as part of your EducationCity subscription or trial.

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