Curriculum Overview

EducationCity is aligned to UK and international curricula

Through the use of educational activities and online learning tools, EducationCity offers engaging content directly aligned to the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland curricula, helping you to pinpoint content quickly and effectively to match your lesson objectives. 

England +

How does the Key Stage system work?

The National Curriculum is organised on the basis of five key stages:

Early Years Foundation Stage:Years F1 and F2Ages 3 - 5
Key Stage 1: Years 1 - 2 Ages 5 - 7
Key Stage 2:        Years 3 - 6Ages 7 - 11
Key Stage 3:    Years 7 - 9 Ages 11 - 14
Key Stage 4:  Years 10 - 11Ages 14 - 16

EducationCity provides learning content for:

Early Years Foundation Stage Mathematics
Early Years Foundation Stage English
Early Years Foundation Stage Science

Key Stage 1 Mathematics                     Key Stage 2 Mathematics
Key Stage 1 English                             Key Stage 2 English
Key Stage 1 Science                            Key Stage 2 Science

Key Stage 1 Computing                        Key Stage 2 Computing

Key Stage 2 Foreign Languages

Learn English Levels 1, 2 and 3

EducationCity supports the objectives in the new National Curriculum through the use of interactive media-rich learning materials, making it the ideal resource for teachers and children alike. For more information on the National Curriculum, click here.

Scotland +

The Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland is organised into four phases:

Early:Nursery, Reception & Year P1Ages 3 - 6
First:    Years P2, P3 and P4Ages 7 - 9
Second:   Years P5, P6 and P7Ages 10 - 12
Third and Fourth:Years S1, S2 and S3 Ages 13 – 15


EducationCity provides flexible learning content to meet the experiences and outcomes in Literacy, Numeracy & Mathematics, Science, Modern Languages and some of the experiences and outcomes in Health & Wellbeing across the Early, First and Second phases.

Wales +

The Framework for Children’s Learning in Wales is organised into four phases:

Foundation Phase: Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 2Ages 3 - 7
Key Stage 2:    Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 Ages 7 - 11
Key Stage 3:   Years 7, 8 and 9Ages 11 - 14
Key Stage 4:    Years 10 and 11Ages 14 – 16


EducationCity’s English and Maths content is correlated to the Literacy and Numeracy Framework for Wales; providing learning content to meet the range of learning within Language, Literacy and Communication Skills, Mathematical Development, Knowledge & Understanding of the World in the Foundation Phase and English, Maths, Science and Foreign Languages in Key Stage 2. 

Northern Ireland +

The Northern Ireland Curriculum is organised into five phases:

The Foundation Stage:Years P1 and P2 Ages 4 - 6
Key Stage 1:        Years P3 and P4 Ages 7 - 8
Key Stage 2:Years P5, P6 and P7 Ages 9 – 11
Key Stage 3:Years 8, 9 and 10Ages 12 - 14
Key Stage 4:    Years 11 and 12Ages 15 - 16


EducationCity provides learning content in Language & Literacy, Mathematics & Numeracy, The World Around Us and Personal Development for Foundation Stage though to Key Stage 2, meeting the objectives within each specific curriculum area.

If you are from a school based outside the UK, click here for more information on the different curricula we map to.