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EducationCity features

A school subscription includes access to the following content and features*:

  • Open-ended whiteboard tools - perfect for introducing a new topic as a lesson starter activity
  • Topic Filter/Curriculum Map and Content Search - provide a direct link to content making it easy to target lesson objectives
  • Teacher Notes, Lesson Ideas, Activity Sheets and Feedback
  • Interactive fully animated Activities - bright and colourful, our Activities engage children and reward their achievement
  • Multi-player mental maths, spelling practice, French and Spanish challenges - ideal for Golden Time
  • Test practice & assessment - ideal to assess a child's academic level, each Test attempt results in a personalised Revision Journal
  • Progress tracking - track each student's progress and personalise your teaching using our online progress tracking tool
  • Access EducationCity from home - save precious time in lesson preparation at school by accessing EducationCity at home
  • Student Tools - open-ended virtual manipulatives designed to let children create and explore
  • Our brand new Teacher Resource Pack and Topical Resources

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*Based on a full subscription package