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Learning a second language is an essential skill that when taught at a young age can give students a huge advantage when studying more formally. EducationCity resources enable children to learn another language (French or Spanish) and allow to not only learn new words and grammar but also give them cultural experience. Activities, Topic Tools and Activity Sheets are packed full of content, video and sound to reinforce, encourage practice and to add experience. Teachers also benefit from comprehensive lesson plans.

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Early Years +

  • Designed to create curiosity and excitement about a foreign language
  • Become aware of the sounds of the new language and realise that they are different to the sounds of their mother tongue
  • Sing-along with nursery rhymes in the target language to increase awareness
  • Curriculum based on three strands (Language Awareness, Listen and Speak and Listen and Respond)

Older Years +

  • Teach the language and introduce the culture through immersion of the target language with the use of native voices, traditional music, popular national festivities and cultural symbols
  • Activities provide an opportunity to hear real speakers, and interact in an environment that is immersed in the target language
  • Learn vocabulary about specific topics, and how to use these words in order to communicate their own thoughts and opinions
  • Use activities to practise newly acquired vocabulary in a fun and engaging way
  • The Spanish module includes Spanish Videos
  • Listening and pronunciation is an important factor in our content. All text has auditory support in order to assist the assimilation of the sounds of the language
  • Learn Areas are perfect to introduce topics or prepare for activities independently or as whole-class lesson delivery

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