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EducationCity's French language module's content is mapped to national learning objectives and makes extensive use of audio recordings by native speakers to ensure that learners have accurate models of spoken French. The language content is carefully structured to enable a sound platform for developing all four language skills, and in addition to this, aim to develop students' intercultural understanding.

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French Activities - Reinforce Understanding +

Authentic French recorded by native speakers is provided throughout and made accessible through clear contexts, fun animations and graphics. On-screen buttons are available to allow audio to be repeated as often as necessary. Text is introduced gradually with teachers having the option to show or hide text to suit their learners.

  • The materials are structured around Lower and Upper Key Stage 2, with content designated by year group, providing opportunities to learn vocabulary and structures for specific topics.
  • Progression is supported with French literacy skills introduced gradually.
  • Activities are supported by peripheral content, including Teacher Notes, Lesson Ideas, Learn Screens and printable Activity Sheets to give students something to work on independently in or after the lesson.
  • Activities can be used to practise newly-acquired vocabulary in a fun and engaging way for communication, interaction and creative expression.
  • Assessment is an integral part of the Activities, enabling both learners and teachers to track progress.

Learn Screens - Introduce or Reinforce New Concepts +

  • Students are introduced to the vocabulary and language structures before playing the Activity via Learn Screens. These can be used by students independently or with teacher guidance.

Topic Tools - Explore Concepts as a Class +

  • Open-ended Topic Tools for use by teachers on interactive whiteboards covering lots of topics including vocabulary learning, spelling, pronunciation and word order.
  • Ready-made content, including audio and graphics, is provided within tools for quick-start learning opportunities. In addition to this, teachers can upload their own content to target learning appropriate to the group.
  • Default settings can be adjusted to suit the level of the learners.

Early Years Songs - Making Learning Fun +

  • Our Early Years Songs have been especially designed to target the ‘Language Awareness’ strand of the curriculum, whilst also raising cultural awareness.
  • Our familiar sing-along tunes instil confidence in the young learners about learning another language and gently introduce the new language.

PlayLive French - Interactive Knowledge Challenge +

Designed for Year 3* students and upwards, PlayLive French is EducationCity’s competitive, interactive and quick-fire challenge for French language learners. Students play against up to 6 other players from their class, year or school and can even play against children from other countries.

PlayLive French makes practising the language, and learning about the culture in French-speaking countries fun!

It includes:

  • questions adapted to your students’ level of ability.
  • a bank of hundreds of questions, carefully designed to meet the new National Curriculum in England’s learning outcomes focusing on Literacy, Oracy and Intercultural Understanding.
  • questions and answers featuring a full range of media – audio, text, photographs, video - and native speakers throughout.
  • Double-score, Skip and 50/50 ‘wildcard’ features to add a strategic element to the game, which tests problem-solving, reasoning, logic and sorting skills too!

*PlayLive French is available to French module subscribers in the following regional curricula:

  • England (Year 3+)
  • Scotland (First ***-Second **)
  • Wales (Year 3+)
  • Northern Ireland (P4+)

ThinkIts - Develop Quick, Creative Thinking +

ThinkIts are a series of five to ten minute activities that are designed to help students think creatively. They:

  • are a quick and easy-to-use teacher-led tool for differentiated, open-ended lessons.
  • keep children constantly challenged, focusing on higher order thinking skills.
  • are a treasure trove of intriguing conundrums that will get students thinking on their feet.
  • answer teachers’ calls for a cross-curricular tool that's punchy, fun and thought-provoking.
  • are loved by teachers who use them as morning warm ups, extension activities for fast finishers and for subject transitions.

Lesson Ideas and Teacher Notes - Support Lesson Delivery +

  • Cover lesson aims and objectives and Activity content.


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Free activities to try!


Sing along using the French words for ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’.

Guerre des Plan├Ętes

Recreate the sentences you hear about the Earth, Sun and Moon to help save the day in space!

Je Suis Malade!

Listen to what is wrong with someone using the structure “j’ai mal + a/au/aux” + body parts and choose which person is being described.