Teacher Resource Pack

Sten and the 'Shape' Teacher Resources

The Teacher Resource Pack is a free-to-use collection of classroom resources from EducationCity. Created by teachers for teachers, this collection offers a range of cross-curricular materials to support teaching and learning in the classroom.

These resources have been designed to be versatile. They can be used on the whiteboard, as cut-and-stick items to go into a student's work book, or as laminated crib sheets to be used for student reference. They can also be photocopied and distributed freely so feel free to share them with your colleagues!

Whilst created in full colour, the Teacher Resource Pack has been carefully optimised for greyscale printing, meaning the quality will not change however you choose to print them.

To access the Teacher Resource Pack, simply click on the links below to get the resources listed. You can also download the Teacher Resource Pack in full here.

Angles (PDF Download)

Compare and Contrast (PDF Download)

Computing (PDF Download)

Conversions (PDF Download)

Diagrams (PDF Download)

French (PDF Download)

General (PDF Download)

Grids and Graphs (PDF Download)

Lines (PDF Download)

Money (PDF Download)

Number (PDF Download)

Practice Words (PDF Download)

Reading (PDF Download)

Science (PDF Download)

Shapes (PDF Download)

Sign Language (PDF Download)

Spanish (PDF Download)

Time (PDF Download)

Times Tables (PDF Download)

Writing (PDF Download)

If you have any suggestions for a resource that you think would be a great addition to the next update, let us know by emailing teacherpack@educationcity.com.

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