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Inspiring, engaging and award-winning, EducationCity is ideal for primary children who are learning English as an additional language. 

There are three language levels:

Level 1 is designed for new to English students. Level 1 is a tool to support students building confidence in their basic interpersonal communication skills through clearly contextualised everyday situations.

Level 2 is designed for early intermediate students. Level 2 is a tool to support students consolidating their academic language proficiency alongside delivery of mainstream curriculum content for Mathematics, Science and English/Literacy.

Level 3 is designed for upper intermediate students. Level 3 is a tool to support students consolidating their academic language proficiency and fully transitioning to mainstream curriculum content for Mathematics, Science and English/Literacy.

The combination of content within each theme ensures that a broad and rich set of resources is offered to support EAL learners, improving both their academic language development, and social and conversational skills.

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How does it meet 8-11 year olds' EAL needs? +

All materials have been carefully written and designed to ensure the learning experience is scaffolded by providing multi-modal support through carefully selected visuals, language stems and accompanying audio.

Learn Screens +

Students are introduced to the vocabulary and language structures before playing the Activity. These can be used for independent review or used with guidance.

Activities +

Engaging and fun Activities delivered through strong visual imagery and oral interaction between characters within everyday situations.

  • Interactive
  • Multi-modal (practise speaking, listening, reading and writing)
  • Include dictionary support
  • Text is highlighted as it’s read out
  • Activities available for pairs

ThinkIts +

ThinkIts are short and fun activities, designed to help students think speedily on their feet, and come free as part of the subscription to the Learn English module.


  • are a quick and easy-to-use teacher-led tool for differentiated, open-ended lessons
  • keep children constantly challenged, focussing on higher order thinking skills
  • are a treasure trove of intriguing conundrums that will get students thinking on their feet
  • answer teachers’ calls for a cross-curricular tool that's punchy, fun and thought-provoking
  • are loved by teachers who use them as morning warm ups, extension activities for fast finishers, and for subject transitions

How does it meet teachers' needs? +

All content has been carefully written and designed for maximum flexibility in the classroom as well as to assist with differentiation, enabling the teacher to be in control and support each student's needs.

Topic Tools +

  • Perfect for the interactive whiteboard, teachers can use Topic Tools with small groups or 1:1 support
  • Ideal for introducing a new topic, reviewing vocabulary or grammar or as a lesson starter

Teacher Notes, Lesson Plans and Activity Sheets +

  • Covering lesson aims and objectives and Activity content
  • Include revision and extension activities, and activities for pairs


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