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Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Maths Activities and Tests

EducationCity is packed full of exciting key stage appropriate maths resources to assist and complement classroom teaching and get your students excited about maths.

  • Activities all mapped to national learning objectives
  • An exciting way to learn Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 maths with friendly characters and fun, reward based Activities
  • Improve attainment with maths Activities and Learn Screens to practise maths skills in the classroom and for formative assessment
  • Use Tests to track improvements in attainment, perfect for SATs practice and summative assessment
  • Use Topic Tools for introducing new maths topics to the class
  • Competitive mental maths game PlayLive Maths perfect for improving mental maths skills

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Maths Activities +

In every Maths Activity, content is made as clear to understand as possible, with visual and audible reinforcements for every answer. It is the combination of large text, clear voice-over, colourful graphics, and fun music that makes EducationCity’s maths content appeal to all learners. From reward based games at the fair in Bumper Car to rounding up numbers in Rabbit Roundup, students can immerse themselves in a fun way of learning.

  • Great for formative assessment, with typically 10 questions asked on a specific topic
  • Scores are saved into our inbuilt progress tracker which can provide teachers with a comprehensive student report at the end of the year or term
  • Learn Screens helps students to gain an insight/overview of new maths topics in a mini-tutorial
  • Printable Activity Sheets and resources give students something to work on independently in or after the lesson
  • Time-saving lesson plans to aid with teacher planning 
  • Sing-along songs accompany some Maths Activities, popular with the very youngest academic levels and more recently, we have developed ‘times-tables’ songs which provide a fun and engaging way to learn multiplication facts

Maths Tests/Quizzes +

  • Maths Tests and quizzes linked to both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 matchs curricula
  • Great SATs practice and proven to raise attainment levels (Bradford Study)
  • Suitable for summative and diagnostic assessment – each test is scored, saved and levelled according the National Curriculum
  • Bespoke ‘Revision Journals’ generated for each studentl, specifically addressing weak areas

Maths Topic Tools +

  • Open-ended tools for use by teachers on interactive whiteboards covering lots of topics from Multiplication and Charts to counting Money and using a Number Line
  • Tools offer teachers the freedom to explore a topic at a level and pace perfectly suited to their students
  • Default to appropriate difficulty level according to which academic level it is accessed from 
  • Prepare now and use later with Save and Open
  • ‘Random’  buttons within tools allow teachers to generate random scenarios/data – time-saving and great for teacher-led questioning

PlayLive Maths +

  • Competitive mental maths challenge, pitting students from the same year group in a race to answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds
  • Competition is further enhanced with school leader boards and options to play students within your school or even your own class
  • Compete against your class, school or even your county with PlayLive Maths
  • PlayLive is also available in Literacy/English and French

Student Tools +

  • Open-ended virtual manipulatives designed to let children create and explore
  • Cover the parts of curriculum where freedom of expression, exploration and outcome are an integral part of the learning goal
  • Work carried out within Student Tools is self-differentiated. Students will be able to obtain records of their work within Student Tools via print and download features

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Free activities to try!

Dino Day Out

Help the EducationCity gang explore coins and discover facts about them.

Strictly Talented

Understand what each digit represents and partition into millions, thousands, hundreds, tens and units.

Shape Spin

Help the EducationCity gang recognise some features of 2D shapes.