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KS1 & KS2 science activities for primary schools

Whether it’s exploring science or gaining knowledge and understanding of the world, there is something on EducationCity for every budding young scientist and their teachers.

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Science Activities – Reinforce Understanding +

  • Our science Activities provide an engaging, exciting way to learn and explore scientific topics.

Tests – Identify Strengths and Weaknesses +

  • Science Tests link to both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 science curricula.

  • Ideal tools to support summative and diagnostic assessment, each test is scored against the National Curriculum criteria and saved.

  • Bespoke MyRevision Journals are generated for each student to help them address any areas they are weak in.

Topic Tools - Explore Concepts as a Class +

  • Our Topic Tools are open-ended whiteboard manipulatives which enable teachers to engage learners in individual, small group and class activities to show experimental techniques and processes and include options for virtual experiments.

  • Their interactive nature brings diagrams, models and scientific tools to life for students.

Learn Screens – Introduce or Reinforce New Concepts +

  • Students are introduced to new concepts and areas of study via our animated Learn Screens, which give in-depth graphical explanations of scientific concepts.

  • These can be used either by the students with teacher guidance or independently.

ThinkIts – Develop Quick, Creative Thinking +

ThinkIts are a series of five to ten minute activities that are designed to help students think creatively and quickly. Created to help you explore a range of topics, they are ideal for morning warm ups and extension activities, and great for targeting higher order thinking skills.


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Free activities to try!

Rain or Shine

Help Stig, Sten, Manu and Klara identify different types of weather: rain, sunshine, wind, clouds and snow.

Will It Bend?

Help Manu and Sten to decide if an object has been squashed, bent, twisted or stretched and which objects it is easier to do this to.

Circle of Life

Compare the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds.