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PlayLive, the online challenge for maths, spelling, French and Spanish!

PlayLive is a series of subject-based, online challenges, played against up to 3 other players at the same time. It can be played against students from across the country, within a school or within a particular class.

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Who plays? +

  • Choose to play against your classmate, someone from your school or a student from any school in the UK
  • Players matched by their academic level

What are the PlayLive challenges? +

  • PlayLive Maths is a mental maths challenge with one simple objective: answer as many questions as you can correctly in 60 seconds.
  • PlayLive English is a word-making game in which students test their knowledge of spelling against others within a timed, competitive environment. 
  • PlayLive French and Spanish are interactive quizzes, in which students test their language and cultural knowledge against others within a timed, competitive environment. 

Privacy +

In keeping with e-safety guidelines and EducationCity's Data and Privacy Policy, we have ensured that PlayLive does not display indentifying information about players. We offer a range of preferences that teachers can use in order to alter player information to their own specification.

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