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Improve maths, English, French and Spanish skills in the PlayLive arena

The online challenge for maths, English, French and Spanish

Designed to develop and increase students’ speed and skill at answering mental maths games, spelling, French and Spanish activities

Students have to answer as many mental arithmetic, spelling, French or Spanish questions as they can, as fast as they can

Students pitch their knowledge against others of a similar age, within a timed, competitive environment

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Who plays? +

  • Choose to play against your classmate, someone from your school or students from any school 
  • Players matched by their academic level

When to play? +

  • The PlayLive arena is a great alternative to regular mental maths, tables tests, spelling test and language comprehension tests
  • To follow up an Activity for specific learning objectives
  • To incorporate into a challenge area designed to develop children’s thinking
  • Students can be set challenges e.g. 'How many multiplication and division calculations can you answer in 60 seconds today?' or 'How many words can you find in 60 seconds?'
  • An ideal activity to use during Golden Time

Privacy +

In keeping with e-safety guidelines and EducationCity's Privacy Policy, we have ensured that PlayLive does not display identifying information about players. We offer a range of preferences that teachers can use in order to alter player information to their own specification.

Their ability to answer mental maths questions quicker and with confidence has increased.
Michael Hughes, Teacher

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