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English +

Our English resources within Early Years Foundation Stage have been designed to promote children’s development in Communication and Language, and Literacy, to complement practitioners’ teaching and provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities in the classroom.  

We provide a range of resources including Activities, which are supported by Activity Sheets, and can be used independently or with small groups. We also have Topic Tools, which have been designed for teacher-led learning, and a Themes area which contains a range of cross-curricular resources drawing on everyday experiences that are familiar to the children.

Communication and Language is a prime area within the curriculum. As such, we have a range of content including sing-alongs, question and answer, sequencing, and creative activities, all of which actively engage children and encourage the development of key listening skills. Learners are inspired to respond to content, demonstrate their understanding and develop their speaking skills.

Phonics is key to developing children’s Literacy skills in both reading and writing. The Phonics area in EducationCity is organised into three synthetic phonics programmes - Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics and Read Write Inc. The Activities are designed to develop key skills, including recognising target sounds in words, blending and segmenting, modelling the correct letter formation and using phonic knowledge to write words as they sound.  

Mathematics +

The Mathematics module within our Early Years Foundation Stage provides a range of highly accessible and engaging resources to support the teaching and learning of key concepts in the areas of ‘Number’ and ‘Shape, Space and Measure’.

We have a range of interactive resources to complement whole-class teaching, including a variety of number sing-along songs and our popular Topic Tools. These tools are interactive and designed to be used flexibly by the teacher when teaching key concepts, such as counting, number operations and money, so that the correct level of challenge is achieved to meet the learning needs of the class.

Our Activities have been designed to engage children through the use of colourful graphics, meaningful content and fun music. They are also designed to be used independently, with their user-friendly functionality and clear reinforcements, promoting autonomous learning within the classroom. To supplement each Activity, EducationCity provides Activity Sheets so that the practitioner has excellent follow-up material to extend children’s learning.

Science +

The Science module with the Early Years Foundation Stage provides resources for ‘Understanding the World’ to help learners develop their understanding of the environment, the world around them, and the role of technology.

Children are fascinated by everything around them and are continually exploring their environment, investigating how things work and testing out their ideas. Our resources aim to provide a stimulus to spark this natural curiosity and to scaffold learning, helping children to consolidate and build upon their existing knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Our resources include animated and engaging Activities, reproducible Activity Sheets, Lesson Ideas, and Teacher Notes to supplement each Activity.

EducationCity’s ‘Themes’ area contains cross-curricular resources which are linked to specific topics that are relevant to children’s everyday experiences. Specific to the Early Years Foundation Stage, these Activities help youngsters make links between the areas they are learning about and use meaningful contexts to develop skills such as ordering events and selecting appropriate shoes/clothing for specific activities.