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English +

Our Key Stage 2 reading Activities give students a solid foundation in the mechanics of reading, enabling them to find meaning and enjoyment in the written word. Activities help students build vocabulary and fluency, make sense of new words, and increase their confidence to explore new forms and genres. Students build their skills of literary appreciation and analysis by exploring short stories, novels, poetry and, of course, comics.

Many of our writing Activities provide students with the essential building blocks of effective written communication: sound spelling, grammar and punctuation skills. Other Activities teach creative writing techniques that develop students’ personal flair and encourage articulate self-expression.

Our speaking Activities build understanding of effective oral communication and encourage correct grammar and speech conventions in a fun and engaging way. Budding speakers gain confidence in their use of speech and learn to adapt to different situations and purposes, thinking about audience and making choices in the language, tone and expression they use.

Our listening Activities provide practical strategies for becoming an effective listener – a vital skill in both academic and personal settings. Young listeners learn how to identify key information, spot supporting details, maintain concentration and show understanding of what they’ve heard.
At the forefront of up and coming learning technologies, our English Topic Tools provide a range of age-appropriate whiteboard resources for classrooms. Using these tools, teachers can create and add their own content or choose from our banks of ready-to-use, cross-curricular text.

Mathematics +

Finding Key Stage 2 Mathematics content is very easy and is achievable in two distinct ways. Firstly, it can be found based on the objective that they are mapped to by following the Curriculum Map right from the homepage. Alternatively, content can be found based on a system of keywords within each year group. By selecting a keyword from within Topic Filter, all content which is not relevant will be filtered out. At this stage, a new button then appears called Switch Year, which leads to other Activities covering that same topic but at different academic levels. This makes providing differentiated work for groups of students of differing abilities very easy.

Alongside the fun-filled Activities are our Topic Tools. Specifically designed for use on interactive whiteboards, the tools offer teachers the freedom to explore a topic at a level and pace perfectly suited to their students. Topic Tools are also intrinsically linked with the Activities, meaning that they are also mapped to appropriate learning objectives. As with the Activities, the tools make what could be perceived as complex or even boring topics interesting and stimulating. 

PlayLive Maths is the online mathematics game designed to develop and increase students’ speed and skill at answering mental maths questions and is included in the mathematics subscription at Key Stage 2 level.

Science +

Our colourful and entertaining online Key Stage 2 science resources feature:

- animated tutorials with in-depth graphical explanations of science concepts
- interactive diagrams, models and scientific tools
- eye-catching photos and real images to help students relate scientific ideas to real world examples

Focusing on the skills of scientific inquiry, learning materials are based on real-life science scenarios including planning investigations, carrying out tests, recording data, drawing conclusions and forming hypotheses.

As well as online science Activities, your budding Einsteins could benefit from our step-by-step practical project guides and worksheets, plus a whole range of extras, including picture cards, colouring sheets, diagrams, experiment record sheets, and cut and paste activities.  

With plenty to make and do, including loads of hands-on science investigations, EducationCity’s science section offers much more than fun online learning.

Foreign Languages +

The approach of the Key Stage 2 Foreign Language modules is to teach the language and introduce the culture through immersion in the target language, with the use of native voices, traditional music, popular national festivities and cultural symbols.

The content provides an opportunity to hear real speakers and interact in an environment where the student is immersed in the target language. Each Activity tells a new story that is engaging and full of different characters, dialogue and content. The students will learn vocabulary about specific topics, and how to use these words in order to communicate their own thoughts and opinions. In the Activities, they can practise their newly acquired vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

Listening and pronunciation is an important factor in our content. All text has auditory support in order to assist the assimilation of the sounds of the language.

The Activities come equipped with a Learn Screen and an Activity Sheet. The Learn Screen presents the language content for the Activity. It can be used by the learner independently as preparation for the Activity. It can also be used by the teacher for whole-class lesson delivery on the whiteboard. This area can also be used for consolidation and revision of the topic area at any stage in the learning process.

The Activity Sheets provide an excellent opportunity to reinforce literacy skills and language learning strategies. They can either fit into a lesson or be taken home as homework in order to extend the language learning out of the school.

Computing +

EducationCity’s Key Stage 2 Computing module will help students meet all the learning objectives within the new Computer Science (including Coding), Information Technology and Digital Literacy strands of the new National Curriculum. It will also critically give students a good foundation to acquire the computing skills that will be imperative to them in the 21st century as well as in their  future careers and later lives.

With a wide variety of content types to tap into, including Learn Screens, Activities, Topic Tools, our highly acclaimed Code Crunch Student Tool and ThinkIts, students will get to grips with using search technology, developing their own algorithms to create programs as well as understanding the responsibilities they have in the digital world quickly and easily.

What’s more, EducationCity provides Lesson Ideas and Teacher Notes to support teachers deliver this new content, so that no matter what their level of experience with the subject is, they will have the support they need to undertake the initially difficult task of teaching coding effectively.

Mapped to National Curriculum learning objectives, EducationCity’s content is an engaging and rewarding way to learn Key Stage 2 computing concepts.