Using EducationCity on Tablet Devices

Stig holding the tablet icon

You can already navigate through all of EducationCity and go on our PlayLive games using your tablet device.

For our Learn Screens, Activities and Activity Sheets, we’ve added a  icon, which you’ll see throughout the site, to help you identify at a glance which content is tablet-friendly and can be used on your tablet via a modern web browser. For more information about which web browsers are best, please click here.

We’re constantly adding new tablet-friendly content – a quick way of viewing any new content is to go to the Teacher Area within EducationCity itself and select the ‘New Content’ tab.

For content without the icon, we recommend you use one of the browsers available that stream Flash content on tablet devices. We are whitelisted on Puffin Academy, which is a free mobile Flash browser, created specifically for teachers and students.

What Are the Benefits of Accessing via Puffin Academy?

EducationCity is pleased to be whitelisted on Puffin Academy because it:

Using Puffin Academy allows students and teachers to use EducationCity anywhere and everywhere



  • allows EducationCity to be available anytime, anywhere during the period we are upgrading all of our content to HTML5


Accessing EducationCity via Puffin Academy is free



  • is free of charge to all users



Using Puffin Academy is safe for children



  • provides a safe environment for its users, having been specifically designed for the school market



How Do I Access EducationCity via Puffin Academy?

It’s very straightforward and free to access EducationCity via Puffin Academy.

Simply install Puffin Academy from your App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android), search for EducationCity and log in as usual with your individual login.

This guide takes you through the process step by step.

Should you have any problems accessing EducationCity via Puffin Academy, please do give us a call on +44 (0)1572 725080!