A Week with EducationCity

Hi! I'm Mr Brooks...
I've been using EducationCity in my classroom for a couple of years now and it's saved me (and my colleagues) so much time, plus, my students love it! I thought it might be helpful to give you an idea of how I've integrated EducationCity into my planning and teaching so you can understand how it might work for you. This is how a typical week looks...
Monday Morning

Times Tables and Working on Tablets

Monday is Maths time! It's a bit of a slow start after the weekend, so to get my students into the swing of things I put a times table song on the whiteboard - their favourite is the 8x table! We start with a sing-along and then we get the tablets out and use the times table Activities for a bit of individual practice. It's a great way of giving my students a sense of independence in their learning, plus, all of their scores are automatically marked and saved so I can quickly and easily see who needs extra support.
Tuesday Evening

Planning Work for Individual Students 

Tonight I'm going to plan some SPAG lessons for an English session later in the week and I need to make sure I cater for the mixed range of abilities in my class. The best way of doing this is to split students into groups and assign content that suits the level they are working at. I do a quick search of EducationCity to find SPAG related content, and from here I can assign the Activities to different groups of students using the MyCity feature. Perfect!

Wednesday Afternoon

Group Work on the Whiteboard! 

We're studying Science this afternoon, so to make sure every student can get involved, we're doing a virtual experiment on the whiteboard. It's a great way of including everyone, plus we can explore lots of different conditions for an experiment in the limited time we have. For this lesson, I open up a Topic Tool which we can use to build circuits. I let each of the students have a go, and if the circuit doesn't work, we discuss as a class how it can be fixed. Great for class participation!
Thursday Morning

Thinking Caps On! 

You can definitely tell it's getting to the end of the week, but I've booked some time in the ICT Suite to cover some elements of the Computing curriculum - enthusiasm is high! First off, I put a ThinkIt up on the whiteboard which challenges my students to think about how to get a robot to make a cheese sandwich. It sparks some great discussions and many students are already thinking of how the process would differ in a factory to at home. Great foundation stones for coding later on!
Friday Afternoon

How Have My Students Done This Week? 

Where has the week gone?! As part of my planning for next week, I'll take a look at how my students have done this week in case I need to make any adjustments to the MyCities I've produced for next week. I pull a quick report using the SuccessTracker feature which lets me see how each student has performed on EducationCity throughout the week. While I'm doing this, my students take part in a quick-fire quiz called PlayLive which lets them compete against each other - they get super excited! The winner of last week's challenge chooses from Maths, English, French or Spanish and they compete until the end of the day for the best score - it's a great end to the week!
Sunday Morning

Homework and Checking Progress 

I log in to EducationCity to do a final review of my plans for the week and also take the opportunity to check how my students are doing with their homework. To make sure they only complete content that I have set, I grouped content on fractions together using the MyCity tool and assigned it to students as Homework. This also lets me see who has completed their work and how well they've done in SuccessTracker. I notice that Freddie is struggling a bit - he's scored less than 50% on all of his Activities so I make a note to follow up with this later in the week. And now, it's time to relax!