Here's what just a small selection of our existing customers have to say about EducationCity...

An awesome resource! No other resource works like it in our school... every child is happy and motivated to work on EducationCity and it seems to have overcome their fear of failure!

Mary Farmer, ICT Co-ordinator, The Cedars Primary

The response from the children has been absolutely amazing, they love all of the activities.

Francis O'Connell, Holy Family Primary School

Teachers have been delighted with the content of this package and most impressed with how easy it is to find appropriate learning and teaching resources and then to use them in a variety of ways.

Mark Sanderson, Senior ICT Consultant, Learning and Achievement Service

I found EducationCity nursery rhymes really useful in my Nursery school placement. The children really loved singing along and interacting with the characters.

Helen Greenwood, Student Teacher

I like the way you can set up lessons using the MyCity feature and then check the work the children have done.

Amanda Grimshaw, Home Educator

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with EducationCity. A few months ago my daughter was told by my granddaughter's school that she had a learning problem, and that they were applying for additional government help for her. As a result, I decided to go into the school as a volunteer to help her on a one to one basis with Literacy and Maths. The school asked me to help Tara and another girl by using your product. I was so impressed by what you offer that I decided to subscribe at home with EducationCity for both my grandchildren. The difference in both of them has been incredible and mainly due to your learning activities. The end of term assessment before Christmas showed that Tara had improved by two levels in just a few weeks. She visits at the weekends and as soon as she comes in, she immediately asks to go on the computer and use EducationCity. My youngest grandchild uses the nursery level and happily sits and sings along to the nursery rhymes and is now learning the letters. I really feel that all children with access to a computer should have this available to them at home, and I have passed the details on to some other grandparents.

Maureen Gill, Grandparent

My 10 year old son, who has ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia, loves your site and is improving well with it.

Mel Sallis, Parent

My daughter is using EducationCity in conjunction with her school in Braintree, Essex, who have given the children Home Access. May I congratulate you on an excellent product, which my daughter loves and uses often. It is such a fun, yet educational way of improving kids learning.

Howard Archer, Parent

Our 7 year old son suffers from autism, dyspraxia and epilepsy and attends a Special Needs school in Gravesend, Kent. He uses EducationCity at school and thoroughly enjoys the programmes. As he likes school so much and really misses the routine when he is at home, it is brilliant that he can work with something that is familiar and associated with school. Also, as our son has no speech, it also helps us as parents in seeing some of the work he is undertaking at school. As parents, we have seen so much progress since he started using the programme. It also very heart-warming to see him very pleased with himself when he successfully completes the tasks.

Paul Harvey, Parent

My son Benedict is in Reception and even though he is a good reader already, he LOVES the "Letters and Sounds" function. He also enjoys "teaching" his two year old brother, Olly, to read using the "Letters and Sounds" page (Olly has his own subscription too!). They look so adorable sitting side by side at the computer desk in the study. My personal favourite is the French. It takes me back to my school days and my son and I have such fun doing the exercises together.

Joanna Hughes, Parent

My 4 year old and 6 year old use the EducationCity website nearly every day. They think that it's a really fun way of learning. My eldest was struggling in school with coins and adding up their value; the relevant exercise on the EducationCity website has helped her understand coins better and she now feels a lot more confident.

Jennifer Trill, Parent

The activities are well planned, teaching is easy and in stages, giving positive responses and praise to encourage further application and enthusiasm to continue.

Margaret Tait, Grandparent

(Talking about Code Crunch) I am absolutely loving this product which I saw for the first time at BETT. I understand its primary audience is KS2. Anyway I was in an infant school yesterday and worked with some Year 2 pupils attending an ICT club at lunchtime. In the 1 hour they learned the interface and about half the tools. They were able to construct a program with a loop to do things like count from 5 to 1 (or 1 to 5) or do the 2 times table and print the numbers out to the screen. They could add in a wait command and change colours of things as well as clearing the screen before each new crunch operation. I was very impressed. It sort of shows that able Year 2s can use the product quite effectively in even a short space of time.

Chris Pim, ICT and EAL consultant

If in any doubt about how to use an area of EdCity, call the helpdesk! Whenever I have needed support or guidance they have quickly and effectively solved the problem, enabling me to concentrate on my teaching!

Dan Chambers, ICT Coordinator, Brierley Forest Primary School, Nottingham

The Homework is a huge hit at Moorlands – We use the Homework MyCity every week for Homework. The children typically complete the homework the same night it is given out because they enjoy the activity. The tracking option allows me to check the pupil progress. Parent feedback has been very positive and the whole school uses EducationCity for homework. 

Tom Phillips

Within the MyCity section I use SuccessTracker to help me plot the path pupils will take in the future. If I see a particular weakness in one skill I will plan in further activities around this skill that may also include learn screens or direct teaching from myself. Similarly I could set work and pupils master a skill relatively quickly, I have evidence of this in success tracker and I can therefore move on to another skill or topic area. 

Phil Nottingham, Computing Coordinator, Springwell Park Primary School, Liverpool

Always looking to make learning fun, I turn to EducationCity to help me. The Maths module is fantastic, giving me the tools to support the teaching of an Upper Key Stage 2 class. For example, the Water Raider Prime Numbers game supported my teaching and the children quickly understood the concept. Possibly my favourite (and the children’s!) part are the songs which help to support the learning of multiplication facts – they sing them if they forget a fact! Oh, and PlayLive is always a hit. 

Vicky Redshaw, Brooke Hill Academy, Oakham

As a school, we have been using EducationCity for over 5 years now across KS1 and KS2. Our students including the reception class find it easy to access all the games and quizzes. The teachers find the resources very useful as they coincide with the units being delivered to their classes. The students find the activities fun and the walk through within each activity is a good instructional aid. 

Mrs Morley, IT Technician, Treleigh School, Cornwall