World Environment Day 2011

World Environment Day exists to make people more aware of what is happening to our environment, how fragile it is and that we need to care for it. This year’s theme is Forests: Nature at your Service

The aim is to remind everyone just how important forests are to our everyday lives. For example they provide shelter, food, oxygen and jobs for many people. Every day all over the world more and more forests are being damaged or cut down and not replaced.


World Environment Day Poster

How can your school celebrate?

Download's World Environment Day project pack now!

The project pack includes:


Design a Poster – Lesson Plan

Design a poster to advertise World Environment Day around the school. Pupils are encouraged to think about ways in which they can make a difference in particular with reference to the forests i.e. create class rules for recycling waste paper etc.

Download Lesson Plan

Download's WED Poster

Download's Colour-it-in Poster


Explore a Local Habitat – Lesson Plan

This activity could be planned as a one-off field trip or used in conjunction with a topic on habitats.  Pupils will have the opportunity to consider a variety of habitats and explore one in greater detail.

Download Lesson Plan

Download Record Sheet


School Fundraising Event  - Lesson Plan

Get your whole school participating and give pupils an opportunity to work within their local environment growing plants and gaining an understanding of how fulfilling it can be to engage with the environment. 

Download Lesson Plan


Top Tips & Fact Sheets:

World Environment Day Fact Sheet

Forest Fact Sheet

Once you have decided what you would like to do to support World Environment Day, you can register your activity with the WED website and let the whole world know what you have planned!

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