National Science and Engineering Week 2012

To celebrate National Science and Engineering Week (NSEW), have created a whole host of exciting resources for this year’s theme, “Our World in Motion”. From lesson plans, fact sheets and hands-on experiments to great offers and competitions, we’ve got it covered!'s Science Toolkit


Access our World in Motion themed ThinkIts designed especially for NSEW 2012. Including:

Year 2:

  • ID 163 Society in Motion                                       
  • ID 166 Our World and Its Surroundings
  • ID 168 Travelling Around Our World

Year 3:

  • ID 162 Ready, get set, go!
  • ID 164 Our Biological World
  • ID 165 Our Tiny World

You can access the ThinkIts via the Subject Select screen on the product.

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Experiment Sheets

Scientific Investigations

Get hands-on in the classroom with step by step experiment ideas including:

Fact Sheets

A selection of twelve interesting fact sheets with all you need to know about how the earth, climate, body and planets work in motion. 

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Photo Gallery                                                  

A selection of images to be used in the classroom to complement the NSEW 2012 resources.

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