Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, played since 1877. It starts on the Monday that falls between 20th and 26th June and is scheduled to last for thirteen days. 


Wimbledon Project Pack

Use our Project Pack for great ideas of how you can cover Wimbledon and associated topics in your lessons. From strawberries and keeping fit, to the weather and eating seasonally, we’ve covered it all!

History of Wimbledon - Fact Sheet

Key facts about the famous English tennis championships from the first tournament to present day.

Eating seasonally - Lesson Plan

The flavour of Wimbledon - the strawberry - is only in season for a short period. This Lesson Plan raises the awareness of seasonal fruit and vegetables, from foodstuffs that are homegrown in the UK to the advantages and disadvantages of eating seasonally.

Strawberries – Fun Facts

What do you associate with Wimbledon other than tennis? Strawberries, of course! All you need to know about the nation's favourite seasonal summer fruit in 10 top facts!

StrawberryStrawberries – A Game

A quiz about strawberries! Students work in groups and have a few facts about strawberries (or any other facts about Wimbledon really) and identify facts and mistruths!

Activity and Topic Tool Suggestions

Tennis players need to stay fit and healthy to be in top form for the championships. We have a guide to keeping healthy and the weather, as well as great suggestions of how you can use our Topic Tools and Activities for these topics. All of this is topped off with themed words added to our Word Search Topic Tool.

Please download the individual PDF files below:

Alternatively, we've all the files as a ZIP file, so if you would prefer to download all the pdfs in one go, click here.

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