British Science Week

To celebrate British Science Week, we’ve some awesome resources to share with you. Whether you’re looking at how to create energy or save resources or looking at the next thrust car, look no further than our fab Fact Sheets!

British Science Week Toolkit

Fact Sheets

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Lesson Plans

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Take a look at our awesome Science “change”-themed Activities. Explore the different seasons of the year, identify materials objects are made of, and help students develop their knowledge on thermal energy. 

Four Seasons – Relate different pictures to the four seasons of the year.

  • England: F2
  • Scotland: Early***
  • Wales: Reception
  • N. Ireland: P1

Hardware Store – Identify objects made out of: paper, wood, fabric, metal, clay, glass.

  • England: Year 1
  • Scotland: Early***
  •  Wales: Year 1
  • N. Ireland: P2

Hot Pots - Understand and classify the 3 main types of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation.

  • England: Year 5
  • Scotland: Second***
  • Wales: Year 6
  • N. Ireland: P7

Eat to Win - Identify a food for ‘growth’ or food for ‘energy’.

  • England: Years 2 and 3  
  • Scotland: First**
  • Wales: Year 3
  • N. Ireland: P4  

Why not get involved in British Science Week? There are a number of ways you can do this, from running an activity to organising an event. Find out more about how to get involved on the British Science Week website.

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