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All About… ‘I Would Like to View Student Scores’

We’ve started a whole series of blogs recently all about the tiles on our super new homepage, which has been designed to help you get to where you need to on EducationCity.

We’ve posted about many of the features which you can see on our blog but today, we’re going to explore the ‘View Student Scores’ tile.

Where Does the View Student Scores Tile Take You?View Student Scores Tile

This tile takes you to our progress tracking tool, SuccessTracker. This super handy tracking tool allows you to track students’, groups’ or whole class progress, to help you identify all of your students’ strengths and weaknesses quickly and easily.

How Can SuccessTracker Help Me?


To see SuccessTracker in action, why not select the ‘View Student Scores’ tile for yourself and give it a go – log in here!

Please note that certain features will differ between the login types.

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