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Be Bike-Safe This Summer!

With a huge number of schools running Cycling Proficiency courses during the Summer Term for their KS2 students, and with students hopefully getting out and about independently over the summer holidays, we’ve got a few resources to share with you all…

Be Bike-Safe This Summer!

It’s important for students to be safe on their bikes at all times of the year, so with this in mind, below, you’ll find a bunch of resources to get your students thinking about bikes, bike safety and the health benefits of cycling.

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Fact SheetBike Safety

History of the Bicycle


Bike Safety


What hazards can you spot? – Black and White

What hazards can you spot? – Colour

Bike Safety Activity (EAL, Learn English) - #13311

As we’re on the theme of bike safety, be sure to take a look at our brilliant activity which encourages students to write a persuasive bike safety poster.

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