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English Worksheets on Vocabulary

We know that, for students, it’s important that they learn about vocabulary.

English Worksheets on Vocabulary

Not only does it help them with their reading and understanding what someone means, but it also helps them with their speaking and giving them the ability to say what they mean too.

EducationCity has many worksheets (also known as Activity Sheets) that focus on certain subject areas, and are ideal to support students’ learning. In particular, we’ve a number of English worksheets to support the learning and practice of vocabulary to help you teach this important area.

So rather than you having to look around for worksheets on vocabulary, we have some for you here! To find them, just type the ID number into Search on EducationCity. Then you’ll be good to print them for your class – perfect.



Sounds and Names: #5459 – Match the sounds at the start of two words.Jungle Fever English Worksheet

Jump On!: #5462 – Stop the bus at the places given.

Shop Words: #5482 – Which aisle would you find the items in a supermarket?


Key Stage 1

The Great Stensby: #5284 – Using the suffixes “able” and “ly” correctly.

Sparkler: #4544 – Match the given word to a word with a similar meaning.


Lower Key Stage 2

Hu-la-la: #5519 – Use a dictionary to identify a word from its meaning.

Jungle Fever: #4569 – Use a dictionary to identify the meaning of words.


Words in Space English Worksheet

Upper Key Stage 2

Hot Seat: #4631 – Use a dictionary to identify the meaning of words.

Hot Seat: #4657 – Use a dictionary: Identify the meaning of words effectively.

Survive a Shower: #5376 – Using the context to find the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Words in Space: #4618 – Spell technical words used in Maths.

Words in Space: #4619 – Spell technical words used in Science.

Words in Space: #4661 – Key words: Maths specific key words.

Words in Space: #4662 – Key words: Science specific key words.

The Great Stensby: #5354 – Use root words and prefixes as a support for spelling: bi, aqua, aero, audi.

Space Venture: #5352 – Use knowledge of root words to understand their meaning.


To try out the worksheets for yourself, just log in to EducationCity, or if your school doesn’t have a subscription to EducationCity, sign up to a free trial.


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