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Extension Tasks for MFL Fast Finishers

Extension Tasks for MFL Fast Finishers

It’s great for students to have the opportunity to fully nurture their language skills and when you have students who finish their work quicker than others, you might find that you’re in need of more resources to help them further. On EducationCity, there’s a number of ready-made resources to help you with this in the Spanish and French modules.

Read on to hear about some of our great French and Spanish teaching resources, which are ideal for fast finishers…


On EducationCity, there’s a load of worksheets (also known as Activity Sheets) which are great resources for fast finishers, and they sit alongside the Activities on EducationCity too so they’re linked to the Activity you might be doing in the lesson. Really easy to locate, all you need to do to find our worksheets is click on the Activity Sheet button in the lightbox when you click on an Activity in the French or Spanish modules.

Here’s a few Activity Sheets to try out…


Le Look Activity

French Module

The Le Look Activity encourages your students to listen and build sentences, by placing the nouns for clothing in the correct order. Once they’ve got the hang of this, why not challenge them further by trying out this Le Look Activity Sheet? It’s brill for encouraging critical thinking.

You can find the Activity Sheet in the following levels…

Le Look – Knowledge about Language

  • England: Year 6
  • Scotland: Second ***
  • Wales: Year 6
  • N. Ireland: P7

Lundi, Où? Activity

Explore the days of the week with the Lundi, Où? Activity and then move onto the Activity Sheet to practise this vocabulary further.

You can find the Activity Sheet in the following levels…

 Lundi, Où? – Oracy

  • England: Year 4
  • Scotland: Second *
  • Wales: Year 4
  • N. Ireland: P6


Spanish Module

¡Uno, dos, tres Sorpresa! Activity

On the theme of numbers, the ¡Uno, dos, tres Sorpresa! Activity encourages students to count numbers up to 12. Once they are more familiar with the numbers, why not set them the linked Activity Sheet to explore numbers further?

You can find the Activity Sheet in the following levels…

¡Uno, dos, tres Sorpresa! - Oracy

  • England: Year 3
  • Scotland: First ***
  • Wales: Year 3
  • N. Ireland: P5

Cero… Activity

Why not use the Cero… Activity to extend number learning further and count up to 24. Don’t forget to use the Activity Sheet alongside it.

You can find the Activity Sheet in the following levels…

Cero… - Oracy

  • England: Year 3
  • Scotland: First ***
  • Wales: Year 3
  • N. Ireland: P5

PlayLive French and Spanish

PlayLive Spanish

Looking to reward students who have finished work with a fun educational challenge other than our Activity Sheets? Then don’t forget PlayLive French and Spanish.

PlayLive challenges are interactive and competitive; they challenge students to race each other to answer five questions in rounds of 60 seconds, which cover a range of different topics from fashion to food. We’d recommend you check out these engaging challenges – they’re such fun!

What's more, the questions are adapted to your students’ level of ability to challenge them further.

Don’t have EducationCity in your school and would like to explore the resources in our French and Spanish modules? Start your free trial today by calling +44 (0)1572 725080 or using the form.



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