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Find Out How We Can Support Your Students with Their Phonics

Are you teaching phonics in class and looking for support material to aid your teaching? Well, look no further, we have just the thing.

Find Out How We Can Support Your Students with Their Phonics

Like you, we understand the critical role that parents play in teaching their children to read and write. So, EducationCity have created a Phonics Presentation to provide parents with a much-needed insight into phonics, which may be new to them.

Are Phonics Important?

Phonics are an important part of the learning curriculum in the UK and are essential in mastering the KS1 Phonics Screening Check in England. According to The Department for Education, 92% of students met the expected standard in the second year of the test, which is a marked improvement on the 81% rate achieved in the year before.

What Is in the Presentation?

This presentation is a great introduction to phonics and includes information on the phonics programmes schools follow, the Phonics Screening Check and other frequently asked questions. We’ve even prepared a version you can add your own school logo to – brilliant!

We have broken this down into easy to understand sections, which are:

1.      What is Phonics?

2.      Background to Phonics

3.      Phonics in Practice

4.      Phase Structures

5.      Glossary of Terms Used in Phonics

6.      How can Parents Provide Support at Home?

7.      Phonics Screening Check

8.      Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve worked with industry experts parallel to real life teachers to optimise the way we teach phonics. It’s also been heavily tested in the classroom so is optimised to bring success.

Where Can I Get Hold of the Presentation?

You can download the standard Phonics Presentation Pack here and the customisable version here

Don’t forget you’ll find plenty of phonics content on EducationCity too! Simply log in, or if your school doesn’t have a subscription to EducationCity, sign up for a free trial

We really want to spread the word about phonics and how parents can help phonic development at home, so please do share this blog via your social media channels! Don’t forget to tag us in your posts at @EducationCity


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