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How EducationCity Can Prepare Students for their Times Tables Check

Teaching your students those all-important multiplication facts for the trial times tables check this year or ready for future years?

How EducationCity Can Prepare Students for their Times Tables Check

We thought it would be a great idea to tell you how we can support you in teaching times tables and help your students prepare for the checks.

Let’s explore some of our multiplication content within the maths module in KS1 and KS2…

To find any of the content mentioned, simply type the Content ID number into the Search tool.

Mental Maths Topic Tool (#1963, #1964, #1967, #1968)Mental Maths Topic Tool

Topic Tools are brilliant for introducing a topic to the class, as they give you the flexibility to edit for differentiated learning.

The Mental Maths Topic Tool enables you to set a customised maths test to support your students with their learning of multiplication.

You can set the test for teams to complete, as well as manage the number of questions, if you’d like the timer on, and change ‘Test Mode’ on or off – brilliant for personalised learning!

Times Tables Songs (#25890, #25893, #25894, #25897, #25899, #25900, #25903, #25905, #25907, #25908, #25909)

We’ve a great selection of fun Times Tables Songs, ranging from the 2 x to the 12 x Table, to encourage your students to sing their multiplication facts with the rest of the class. These engaging songs are a great way to help students recall number facts.

To try them out on EducationCity, type ‘Times Table Song’ in the Search feature and press 'Enter' – super easy!

PlayLive Maths Multiplication (#25996 - #26000)

PlayLive Maths is perfect for some important times tables practice. It’s a competitive mental maths challenge where students race each other to answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds. We’d recommend you check it out – it’s loads of fun!

So, what other times tables related content do we have to offer?


Learn Screens

Law & Order – Episode II: #22406 - Learn through investigation that multiplication is commutative but division is not.


Snow Hope: #376 – Double any multiple of 5 up to 50 and halve any multiple of 10 up to 100.

Field Goal: #336 - Create multiplication calculations to match the repeated additions.


Learn ScreensMaths Activity

Ancient Methods: #32960 – An introduction into formal written methods of short multiplication. This Learn Screen looks at carrying numbers.

Maths Crusade: #32959 - An introduction into formal written methods of short multiplication. This Learn Screen does not look at carrying numbers.


Aisle Pay: #33017 – Complete multiplication calculations involving money.

Number Cruncher: #34323 - Solve multiplication and division problems involving factors and multiples, squares and cubes.

Psst… you’ll find even more times tables content on EducationCity by searching ‘multiplication’!

Don’t have EducationCity in your school and would like to explore the content mentioned? Start your free trial today by calling +44 (0)1572 725080 or using the form.


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