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Perfecting Punctuation with Your Class

Understanding grammar and punctuation is essential for students to help improve their writing skills.

Perfecting Punctuation with Your Class

Take a look at some of our KS1 and KS2 Activities within the English/Literacy module – perfect for supporting your students when they use different types of punctuation!

Don’t forget that we’ve so much more on punctuation. Just use the Search tool to help you find more!

Ready? Let’s go!

Key Stage 1

Amazing Punctuation: #25690 – Punctuate simple sentences with full stops, exclamation marks and question marks.

Grammar Street: #26673 – To compose sentences using the correct grammar and punctuation.

River Deep: #722 – Add commas to each sentence to separate items in a list with prompts to help.

Key Stage 2

Rapid Rounders: #1843 – To mark direct speech using speech marks and commas where required.

Fantasy Football: #759 – Place full stops, commas, quotation marks, question marks and exclamation marks within a passage with prompts to help.

Force Field: #119 – Match the name of the punctuation mark with the actual punctuation mark.

One more thing…

Why not try out the Grammar and Punctuation Tests for KS1 and KS2? They’re great for testing grammar skills!

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