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Six Super Activities to Help with Time

As time is such a valuable skill to learn, we thought we’d tell you about our top six activities to do with time – hope you enjoy them!

Six Super Activities to Help with Time

Let’s explore some of the activities we have within the Maths module on the topic of time…


These activities are perfect to help your younger students get to grips and recognise the time on an analogue clock – brilliant!

Wakey, Wakey!: #295 - Read the time to the hour or the half hour.

Wakey, Wakey!: #522 - Listen to and read the time on an analogue clock, to the hour.


Once students understand how to read the time, why not introduce written times to your students? The activities below are brilliant to help students grasp five minute intervals and how they can set the time themselves!

Snoozing Time: #25817 - Tell the time to five minute intervals. Match both written times to clock faces and find the correct faces to match written times.

Tick Tock: #349 - Set the time on an analogue clock.


Asking students questions related to time not only encourages critical thinking but also challenges them to delve further and think of how time can be used in everyday situations.

Kuko Run: #433 - Vocabulary related to time.

Space Walk: #393 – Solve word problems involving time.

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Don’t forget that alongside Activities, you’ll also find corresponding worksheets (also known as Activity Sheets), which are brilliant to use to follow up an Activity.

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