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Spotlight On... PlayLive

PlayLive is a fantastic resource for teachers to use in the classroom and makes learning fun, offering a real-time challenge for your students.

Spotlight On... PlayLive

PlayLive can be found in Maths, English, French and Spanish and is great for testing your students’ multiplication, spelling, French and Spanish knowledge.

The challenges are interactive and competitive and allow students to play against others in their class, school or even worldwide - super cool!

PlayLive can be used any time, whether that be as a quick lesson warm up or as a reward at the end of the day to reward students on their own personal progress.

Why not create your own mini challenge for your students and see how high they can get on the leaderboard?

Don’t have EducationCity in your school and would like to take a look at PlayLive? Start your free trial today by calling +44 (0)1572 725080 or using the form.


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