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Teaching Poetry with EducationCity

World Poetry Day falls on the 21st March this year and to celebrate, we wanted to share a few of our poetry-themed resources with you all, to help you enjoy this fantastic day.

Teaching Poetry with EducationCity

World Poetry Day is celebrated each year and is a great time to appreciate and support poets around the world.

Whether your students are familiar with poetry or not, it’s a brilliant opportunity to explore and learn about different types of poetry.

Let us take you through a few of our KS1 and KS2 English Learn Screens and Activities on poetry…

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Learn Screens



Stamina for Writing 2: #22316 - Using a pattern to write a poem.


Swamp Fever: #12832 - An introduction to a range of poetic devices such as structure and those used to create vivid mental images or evoke emotions and feelings.



Dancin’ in the Drizzle: #25805 - Identify whether a passage of text is part of a story or a poem. Then answer questions by looking closer at the features of the text.


For Better or Verse: #34367 - Recognise 7 different types of poetry, themed around the weather, from their features. Types include: Haiku, narrative, kenning, acrostic, shape, free verse and limerick.

Summer Camp: #1583 - Listen to literary and informational pieces and answer questions about the content.

Swamp Fever: #1635 - Identify different poetic elements and devices.


Forms of Poetry Topic Tool (#12287-#12289)

This Topic Tool enables students to view, edit and create a range of poems. Why not give it a go and explore a whole range of poem types, from riddles, free verse and shape poems? – It’s perfect to pop on the whiteboard to introduce poetry to your class.

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