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Teaching Shapes with EducationCity

Shapes is a brilliant topic which helps with decoding objects and identifying patterns, as well as recognising letters and spotting shapes within them such as circles, triangles, etc.

Teaching Shapes with EducationCity

To help you with this topic, we wanted to take you through a few pieces of maths content on EducationCity, which we think will help your students practise drawing shapes and grasp the features of different shapes.

Topic Tools


Sorting Shapes: #2179 –Sort 2D shapes according to whether they have 4 sides or not.

Symmetry: #2062 - Reflect square shapes in a vertical mirror line.


Volume & Surface Area: #2059 – Calculate the volume and surface area of cubes and cuboids.

Learn ScreensShapes Activity


Spotlight on Shapes: #13319 – Identifying and describing the properties of 2D shapes.


Angles for Angles: #22321 - Learn that an angle is the amount that something turns. Recognise that a right angle is a quarter turn and begin to identify the size of angles, including right angles in shapes.

Bar-B-Shapes: #12602 - A tutorial on finding the missing angle in a triangle.



Shape Spin: #1738 - Recognise some 2D shapes.

Snip Shape: #1823 - Use common 2D shapes to create other 2D shapes, such as triangles and rectangles.

KS2Let's Sketch Student Tool

High Rise: #870 - Calculate the perimeter of a shape.

There’s also a Student Tool in KS1 called Let’s Sketch, which enables students to draw and build shapes using various tools – perfect for helping students understand the basics of shapes!

Let’s Sketch: #12354 – Draw and build shapes using the art tools, letter stamps, stickers and animations.

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