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Teaching Time with EducationCity

Learning to tell the time, not only helps students understand digital and analogue clocks, but it gives them a valuable life skill that they’ll need and use forever.

Teaching Time with EducationCity

There are a number of maths activities on time on EducationCity that are great for supporting students in their understanding of this area.

Explore our Maths EYFS, KS1 and KS2 activities below…

To find the content easily, simply enter the ID number into the Search tool on EducationCity.


Wakey, Wakey!: #265 – Match the 12 words with phonemically regular characteristics from 45 high frequency words.


Measuring Time: #26121 - Solve practical time problems in seconds.

Watch Man: #12243 - Read and tell time to the hour on an analogue clock.

Clocking In: #25812 - Tell the time to the half hour using analogue clocks. Match both written times to clock faces and find the correct faces to match written times.


Tick Tock: #349 - Set the time on an analogue clock.

Kuko Run: #319 - Recognise relationships between standard metric units.

Do take a look at the Telling the Time Lesson Plans Resource Pack on the website too! It includes some super handy worksheets and is perfect lesson inspiration!

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