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Top Tips for Your First Year as a Newly Qualified Primary School Teacher

So you’re about to start your first year as a primary school teacher. You’ve probably already taught lessons during your training, but this will be the first time you’ll be taking over your own class. Here are some tips and advice for your first year!

Top Tips for Your First Year as a Newly Qualified Primary School Teacher

Say ‘hello’!

You will possibly be joining a school that you’ve not worked at before, which means you might find it’s best to get to know everyone you’ll be working with. Making friends with your colleagues is a great start, because if you have any problems or worries, they can be there.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Even though you’re now qualified, there’s always room to learn! If you’d like some extra help with anything, don’t be afraid to ask for it. 

Write down your goals and note successes

When starting out, you will probably have some goals you want to reach. Note these down as you start and it’ll help motivate you to keep going. Whenever you make a success, keep a log of it. Whether that is one of your students winning a competition or creating outstanding work, or a project you complete which you’ve been organising.

Take time out

It’s always good to have a bit of ‘you’ time. After a day of teaching, why not do something that helps you to relax and unwind? That can be anything from a hobby or going out to see friends. It’s important that you have your own time sometimes, especially after a busy day.

We really hope these tips help you out on your new adventure, and we wish you all the best of luck in your first year.


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