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Winding down for the Summer

The countdown until the summer break continues for many schools and we suspect many students (and teachers too!) are getting super excited for a well-deserved and much needed holiday.

Winding down for the Summer

So, as the school year winds down, we thought now’s a good time to take a look at some fun activity ideas you could try with your students to wind down for the holidays…

Let’s get going!

Memorable Best Bits

Time to reflect on the year! Ask students to write down any good memories they have of their classmates, what they have enjoyed most or what they feel they have improved on. Then gather the class to read them aloud, so they can each share the special moments they’ve had.

Summer Diary

Now’s a great time to keep a summer diary for students to write down what they did in the holidays. Ask students to bring them in the new term, so they can share their fun-filled activities – a great way to introduce themselves to their new classmates!


What better way to end the school term than with some super great games. Ask students to bring in their favourite board games and have an afternoon full of excitement! One of our personal favourites is Guess Who?, especially the Disney version!


Celebrate your students’ achievements by holding a mini awards ceremony. You could provide each student with a certificate and goodies to celebrate their hard work throughout the year.

We hope you enjoyed our wind down activity ideas! Can you think of anymore? Tweet us at @educationCity – we’d love to hear them! 


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