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Early Years Foundation Stage – Communication and Language

As you will be aware, the EYFS is separated into 7 areas, which sets requirements for learning up until the age of 5 years.

As part of our series on supporting nurseries, we’ve broken each area into easily digestible bites with simple ideas and activities to try!

Communication & Language

Communication and language is one of the prime areas of the Curriculum as it lays the foundation for children in the future at school and at home. It focuses on listening and attention, speaking, and understanding what is happening around you. This can be easily incorporated into classes through games, activities and teaching.

Listening & attention

Building relationships are a great way for your students to understand the concept of communication.  Why not put them into pairs and tell them to ask each other about their families? Set them up with four questions each; they can then tell you what they learnt about their partner. This will reinforce your students listening and attention skills!


Set a task with for your students by giving them instructions on something which they will then have to feedback too. Following what you said will encourage them to listen and understand, ensuring they feel comfortable with what they’ve been asked to do.


A great way to build confidence in your students is to learn sounds and spellings through Phonics. EducationCity has tons of Phonic content for you to try out. Why not try our Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics and Read Write section which is available once you log in?

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