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Early Years Foundation Stage – Understanding Physical Development

One of the 7 areas of EYFS is physical development which is a key area for students to master.

Have some fun when it comes to movement and physical development, and try out some of these ideas to get your students up and about!

Absolute animals!

Get your class to re-enact animals they like and go around the class showing everyone. This will allow students to be creative whilst learning to control their movements around others.

If you go down to the woods today…

Take a walk outside, and see how many creatures they can spot. Is it a frog, or maybe creepy crawlies, whoever finds the most wins a prize! A fun way to integrate physical development by being creative!

Another option is trying out a sing-along on EducationCity! Why not try Granny’s Farm ID number: 25916.

Writing away…

Use some EducationCity worksheets to support the development of writing. Students can learn how to write simple words while saying them, helping them to understand how to control a pen or pencil. ID number: 5276

Moving mouse

Try something different by allowing your students to use a computer. This will benefit them by learning how to handle movement and control with their hands. We have some fun activities on EducationCity! ID number: 862 and 686.

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There are so many different ways to boost your student’s physical development in and out of the classroom. All you need is space! Whether it’s going outside for a walk, or role play – the choices are never ending!

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