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All of our primary teaching resources are created by our Education Team, which is made up of teachers with a passion for education. 

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Explore our subjects for yourself!

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How can EducationCity

support my school?

Short answer – in lots of ways! 
All of EducationCity’s educational resources are correlated to curriculum objectives, meaning you can pinpoint relevant resources quickly. You can be confident that your students are acquiring valuable knowledge, which corresponds to specific lesson objectives. 
We are correlated to the National Curriculum for England, the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and a number of international curricula. Find out more.

Your Curriculum

Plan It!



To support teachers with planning, we’ve designed a pretty cool feature called MyCity, which allows you to plan lessons in advance and initiate targeted learning.


Quickly find and group resources for a lesson or homework.


Choose the order in which you’d like students to complete educational resources. 


Assign your chosen resources to individual students, groups or classes. 


Easily track which students have completed the work set and who’s yet to finish.  

Teach It!



EducationCity is flexible in so many different ways; you can use any of our 
resources to suit your own teaching style and provide your students with 
the support they need.

Child using the whiteboard

Meet Standards Objectives

Find educational resources that link to your curriculum, by using our interactive Standards Map.

Pinpoint Quality Resources

Search by keyword to find teaching resources that support the topic you’re covering in class.

Individualize Learning

Deliver learning opportunities paced to students needs by setting up individual MyCities accessible on PCs, laptops, and tablets.

Improve Instruction

Lead whole-class and small-group instruction on your whiteboard or classroom devices with our interactive teaching resources.

Expand Beyond Core

Our educational resources for teachers not only cover three core subjects, but also support other three important subjects: computing, Learn English, and Matemáticas.

Ready-Made Resources

EducationCity is full of ready-made lesson plans and printable worksheets that will save you time, reinforce concepts, and accelerate learning.

Learn It!



Our vibrant primary school resources can help with learning by encouraging students to engage with a concept in a different way. 

Personalise Learning
Learn Screens and Activities can be used for independent learning or topic reinforcement to suit students’ individual needs. 
Independent Learning
Students are able to track their own progress. MySuccess displays both their last attempt and best score, encouraging students to better their performance and try to achieve to the best of their ability. 
Take Learning Home
You can set homework for after school and also during the school holidays to help prevent learning loss. Having access to EducationCity at home is a great way for parents to engage with their child’s learning too. Find out more about Home Access.
Confidence Building
We are passionate about providing educational resources to help students reach their full academic potential. EducationCity can develop students' confidence by engaging them in different ways. 

“One of our Year 3 students is making good progress in English, however, numbers don’t come naturally to her. EducationCity has encouraged Megan to become more motivated with mathematics. The activities are fun and engaging and allow her to improve her scores. It has boosted her self-esteem with numeracy.” 
Mrs Mavi, Deputy Headteacher, St Giles C of E Primary School, Walsall

Assess It!



It’s super easy to assess and track your students’ progress through EducationCity so you know where to provide extra support.

Automate Grading

Your students’ Activity and Test scores are automatically graded and recorded, allowing you to quickly view performance at a glance or dig into correct and incorrect answers for each question.

Assess with Tests

Tests are great for assessing your students’ performance and to practice test-taking techniques. Tests are available in language arts, math and science.

Personalize Improvement

After taking a test, a personalised  Revision Journal is generated to target specific skills and objectives where students can work to improve.

Track Progress

SuccessTracker allows you to track student, group, or whole-class progress so you can identify strengths and weaknesses quickly and easily to support your ongoing instruction.

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Did you know you can use your Pupil Premium funding with EducationCity?

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Get in touch with one of our friendly team to have a chat about how Pupil Premium can be used with EducationCity. 
Take a look at the five ways you can use our educational resources to support your Pupil Premium students.

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