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Feature Focus: Why You Could Start Your Lessons with ThinkIts

Let’s talk about ThinkIts, and how they’re a great help for your students’ learning and to start your lessons off with.Tell Me More… ThinkItsThinkIts are cross-curricular teacher-led tools designed to...

Let’s talk about ThinkIts, and how they’re a great help for your students’ learning and to start your lessons off with.

Tell Me More… ThinkIts

ThinkIts are cross-curricular teacher-led tools designed to encourage critical thinking in the classroom. ThinkIts can be used as a lesson warm-up or to elicit students’ higher-order thinking skills.

Miss Casey, a teacher from Barking Abbey School, has shared how and why she uses ThinkIts at the start of a lesson: “ThinkIts are a great way of starting the lesson, so as soon as students walk into the room, they are being challenged. They also develop team-working skills as quite often I put the students into groups to solve the ThinkIt. The vast range on offer makes them very flexible too!”

Why Are ThinkIts Great to Use at the Start of a Lesson…

Where Can I Find ThinkIts?

EducationCity has ThinkIts throughout all the subjects on EducationCity so all you need to do is go to the Curriculum Map or click on a subject to find them – simple!

ThinkIts to Try…

Here are a few ThinkIts you can try with your students – but don’t forget about the whole range which is on EducationCity.

Key Stage 1


Capital Words – Think of words that always start with a capital letter.


Recognising Coins – Match the coins to the objects that they can buy.


Garden Animals – What animals do you think Manu could find in the garden?

Key Stage 2


Rhyming Verse: Row Your Boat – Create your own verses by looking at the words you need to rhyme.


Rally Times – Find out who won the race, by putting the times taken for each rally team to complete the race, in order.


The Path of Light – How will the light travel when Manu switches the torch on? What will happen when it hits the mirror?

Want to see what the ThinkIts are all about? Log in to EducationCity or take a free trial if your school doesn’t have a subscription. 

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